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emmanuilteleshev 07-30-2020 09:05 AM

Nutrition info on smoked pork butt?
Does anyone know of a study or analysis done on smoked pork shoulder?

The nutrition labels are for the raw meat, prior to fat rendition, and most cooked guides I look up are skewed by included BBQ sauces, commercial brands that have additives, and information that seems off.

For example, when I see a guide that shows 5% fat loss for pulled pork, I question it. And by smoked, I mean ~15 hours for a pork butt @ 226 F.

I realize it changes depending on the source of the meat (how much fat does it start with, etc.) but I am looking for the "average".


emmanuilteleshev 07-30-2020 12:13 PM

I have read in several forums that there are diets that contain smoked pork butt and it has to be eaten once a week.
Sounds strange but from what I understand by that diet combining several foods you can achieve success.
Personally, I haven't tried it and I really want to know more about it. I've been using an application on for a long time, with the help of which I lose weight with small but effective steps. Here I learned how to properly combine foods and choose the amounts needed to lose weight effectively.
Does anyone else use such applications? How is your experience?

GerogeKelly 08-10-2020 11:51 AM

Thanks for your replies.

CharlesPaige 08-18-2020 10:28 AM

It is so tasty, I love it.

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