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2017 XE rear fog lights

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I just picked up my 2017 Xe Premium 3.5 AWD. When I activate the rear fog lights only the driver side illuminates. The dealer is telling me that's normal---the passenger side DOES NOT illuminate. That sounds crazy, and frankly I don't believe him. Has anyone else experienced this? (I live in California, not that it should make any difference)
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I think the legal requirement is only one rear fog light for some areas, it's weird but not too uncommon for cars to only have one. The Jaguar XE only has the driver side fog light, so it's normal. Maybe two fog lights will look to brake lights to those behind you.
Rear Foglights

Only the drivers side rear fog lamp works illuminates on my 17 XE R-Sport. I had a 2012 XK and then a 2014 XF - rear fog lamps illuminated on both sides of those cars.
I am disappointed that only driver side fog light works. In the past with my 12 XK and 14 XF if someone was tailgating me I would turn the rear fogs on (with headlamps in daytime) and since they were quite bright the car behind me always backed off immediately - pretty effective. Please note the only time I"m tailgated is when a slower car is ahead of me that wont move over.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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