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2017 XE with Meridian Stereo Can't Locate Subwoofer

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I just purchased a 2017 XE with the Meridian Stereo upgrade. The upgraded stereos I've read about have a subwoofer located somewhere in the truck. I cannot locate the subwoofer, and there no mention of the subwoofer on the infotainment system under sound adjustments.

I know the standard upgrade is the 380 watt Meridian stereo. I just can't locate the subwoofer and am worried that even though it's supposed to be upgraded (and has the Meridian labelled speakers) that somehow this may be base. Could someone provide me with a look where the sub should be?
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If you have the 11 speaker system it will be behind the trunk hinge. If it is not there, then maybe you have a six speaker system without the sub. Unable to attach a diagram of the system due to the size. Not sure if you can send a private message another way.
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