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:|I don’t want no vinyl stickers.

Marketers make a device, sell it to us as an E-cigarette (because it’s cool to smoke cigarettes), but what they’re selling is a battery-operated PIPE.
I don’t want to buy vinyl protectors, even if they market them as “Clear Bras”. They are two different animals for different owner visual intentions.

It’s been three years now since the XE has been glorifying the earth with its presence. Why can’t I find any bras (…no offence to the ladies) for my front end? Here in the US they seem non-existent. No LeBra or Colgen versions. The Aussies have a couple of companies who customize a mask/bra for you…but they look hideous (…no offence to the Aussies—I typically love your style).

Are there no bras or masks available in the UK? No one can convince me that this too is an item that’s driven solely by trends and fashions? A superlong-distance drive through livestock country or arid highways, cries out for a bra.

Give me some support, posters. I need a bra!
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Well, you have some of it right, and some of it needs explanation.

See the images posted in the advertizements to the right of your forum screen right now? The ones of the "prototype" and next-year model, cars that the manufacturers camouflage in the weird paintjob?

Those are just for "transporting" the vehicle to a destination, when you know you're going through "enemy territory".

The US is vast, and has some of the most beautiful slices of God's country to see when you're on a long drive. But SOME of those beautiful places still cut through MILES of sheep country, insect wilderness, and the TONS of stink and bug splat that climbs into your radiator screen, air-scoops, and headlamp surrounds, is a horror story that can't easily be cleaned off your vinyl stickers.
(Some of my friends have tried and learned the hard way)

A good mask (good means with a thin mesh net that catches the bugs before their entrails stick to the radiator fins and slide under the hood...) keeps the trash off your nose as well as the ones you see on tractor trailers... and after the trip, you simply drop it in a wash bucket.

Not for permanent styling, like you used to do in the 80's. But still a splendid item that says "valuable car in-transport, and under-wrap".

I'll bet you $50 bucks it will be back in demand. I'm just too early.
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