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:|I don’t want no vinyl stickers.

Marketers make a device, sell it to us as an E-cigarette (because it’s cool to smoke cigarettes), but what they’re selling is a battery-operated PIPE.
I don’t want to buy vinyl protectors, even if they market them as “Clear Bras”. They are two different animals for different owner visual intentions.

It’s been three years now since the XE has been glorifying the earth with its presence. Why can’t I find any bras (…no offence to the ladies) for my front end? Here in the US they seem non-existent. No LeBra or Colgen versions. The Aussies have a couple of companies who customize a mask/bra for you…but they look hideous (…no offence to the Aussies—I typically love your style).

Are there no bras or masks available in the UK? No one can convince me that this too is an item that’s driven solely by trends and fashions? A superlong-distance drive through livestock country or arid highways, cries out for a bra.

Give me some support, posters. I need a bra!
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Let me see if I can understand your question. You want an old school vinyl/fabric bra for your car, like 1985 again? The kind of bra that flaps in the wind damaging the paint when it gets loose, if left on in the rain clouds up the paint, the kind that if left on in the sun causes fade marks?? And just looks ugly??

Welcome to the 21st century!!! Clear Bra materials: Don't look ugly since you can't see it, don't cause any fade since they don't block UV, don't cloud the paint since it doesn't trap water under it and doesn't flap around, and protects against paint chips and other damage.

But if you just wanted it just for it's racy looks Ahhh well I'm sure you can get one made, along with a cool Mullet haircut you'd be styling :)
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