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Alarm activation

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Woke up to the sound of my car alarm going off, couldn't see anyone about outside, checked remote app, which indicated window open, thinking the worst maybe a smashed window, I went out to check, but nothing wrong.
Reset alarm, but app said its locked but not alarmed, so I let the app reset the alarm.

Anyone else had anything similar?
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Apparently these modern vehicles still rely on a sensor at the door that must accurately detect door-open or door-closed (much like the cars we had in the 90’s).
If you have the new 2018 models, they have the automatic soft-close feature, that is supposed to detect when your door has “caught the latch”, and immediately closes it the rest of the way for you. This could make the door sensor’s job even more complicated.

I suspect it’s simply a door sensor that is faulting. It’s just BEGINNING to fault, allowing you to close doors, allowing you to arm the alarm and walk away… then somewhere in the night the sensor LOSES the connection. It then makes the only conclusion it was designed to make, and concludes that the door has just been opened. That sets the alarm screaming.

…As for the App---I’m afraid I am prejudiced against apps, since they occasionally aren’t designed under a slight pretense that they are so amazing accurate as the designer wants us to believe,.. when often the app just tosses a statement on your phone that a larger fully-designed machine would diagnose differently…
I think you should assume that you app is just fudging a conclusion to you. Take the car to your service dealer to have a REAL diagnosis.

I haven’t had this alarm issue (in my 1990 Toyota once, but not the Jaguar). But my bet is on a faulty sensor, on just that one door.
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So if the alarm is beginning to fault, does that mean the door sensor is going to break completely in the future?
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