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Hey guys. I wanted to post about this crazy issue I had with Bluetooth on my 2017 XE R Sport. The connection was dropping after 30 seconds or so. I saw some other threads on here but didn't want to bump an old thread. I fixed the issue and some of what I did was not listed as a solution so I thought I would post about it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with the latest software as of this post.

If you look through the old threads about this issue, they suggest that you enable the developer options and make some changes as follows

  • Disable Absolute Volume
  • Bluetooth AVRCP Version to 1.3
I did both of those and it did not fix the issue.

I also installed Bluetooth Phonebook from the Google App Store and still have it installed. After I was installed that app it popped up and told me to make sure that the app was set to "Not Optimized". That made a bell go off in my head.

Make sure that Bluetooth is set to "Not Optimized" as well. What that means is that the Android operating system will not kill the app if it thinks it's using too much memory or if thinks it's idle.

Once I set Bluetooth to "Not Optimized" and had installed the Bluetooth Phonebook app, the problem disappeared. No more dropouts.

I hope this helps others.
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