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The XE will be so similar to the XF at the rear, that my only fear is that the look will be old before its time,

We owned one of the first XF's in the UK when launched back in 2008, and 6 years later, the rear end has, apart from light treatment, had no changers, and when you look at the profile of the car, you can clearly see that the rear end is looking "tired", whereas the front has had numerous changes to the bumper and lights.

The XE will be more svelte than the XF, and will hopefully not suffer from an over heavy looking rump, I know that that it is 15 months to go before we pick up the car, but I have to say that even this far back I feel excited about it, and I have not felt that for any of the recent cars I we have had, in fact, the last times i felt this excited was with the Jags.
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