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I put Engine Ice in all my cars and motorcycles. Except for the Harley of course. It keep the engine cooler in the summer will keep working up to -26 degrees f. I also use purple VP Stay Frosty. Both the Engine Ice and VP Stay Frosty lower engine temps buy up to 25 degrees. I track my bikes as well as ride them on the street and swear by them. And I drive in traffic a lot in my cars so both of these brands work great. If you google both of these and add Ducati you will see how many guys recommend either of these because the Ducati 1299's and 1199's run very hot. Forget the stuff at Autozone or the Stealership. You can get both on Amazon. If you go with the Stay Frosty. Make sure not to get the Blue Stay Frosty. It will cool your engine by up to 100 degrees F but there is no antifreeze in and it will freeze. I only use it in the summer when I track bikes. And then when Im not tracking them I flush them and put in either the Engine Ice or VP Stay Frosty Pink.

You dont have to mix these with anything.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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