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Arden previews the menacing AJ 24 RS

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Arden has just recently showcased their impressive wide body project for the XE, which is pretty reminiscent of the Project 8, but with a less powerful drivetrain. This kit has extensive body modifications including but not limited to redesigned front splitter and bonnet, new flared wheel arches, side skirts, an adjustable rear spoiler and rear diffuser. There are also some changes under the hood and Arden claims power output has been raised to 463hp on the 3.0l V6 engine. It also comes standard with new 20 inch forged wheels and an adjustable system. No price has been revealed yet.
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Don’t think I’m looking down on this design experiment---I’m not. It is somewhat impressive, though I think it’s the rally-inspired striping on the all white paint that is softening our impression of all those new foreign ports and vents.

But I am surprised by how much modding (customization from owners, and performance experiments from the designers) the “XE” relentlessly attracts!! When I saw the first unveiling back in 2014 (2012?) I thought that body design is almost dead on the target. When I finally bought the 2017 one, and walked towards it all alone in a parking lot, I said “dang—what a perfect body---what a shape—there is NOTHING about my car that is wrong or even needs tweaking.”
My instant reaction to the idea of blacking-out a trim piece, or adding a cupholder cover or aluminum tips somewhere, is… how can I bring myself to do that, and complicate what is a perfect thing?

You don’t see Mazeratti Giblis modded-up in the press, or on racing circuit publications. Nor the Alfa Guilia, the Telslas, etc… The makers build them, and wait until next year to tweak the body for further sales.

But the XE?!! This thing is such a MAGNET even after it’s been finalized. Magazines LOVE the danged thing, the racing circuit seems regularly visited by these cool experimentals like this white beauty in your photo, and Jaguar themselves can’t stop looking at this creature they classify as a “sport sedan” that seems to just have too much sportscar potential for them to leave it alone and stop drooling.

…Incidentally, that’s what I hear inside my head when I walk past mine in my garage---“Lester, LEAVE IT alone, and stop drooling.”
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That last line in your post is a lovely candid moment Lester! I have to admit when I see how the rear wheel arch swells to wrap around the 20inch wheels on my one I have been known to drool a little bit too! Jag did absolutely nail it first time with the XE. But I think the fact that the proportions are so perfect is why it lends itself to mods. Those other cars you mention, they're nice, but not as pretty or well proportioned as an XE.

I have to say though that the Arden is stunning and I want one!
It is an impressive looking package, and with all it contains I have a feeling that its going to cost a pretty penny. And I think ever since Jaguar revealed the Project 8 that people have become much more interested in aftermarket modifications. I see no problem with leaving your XE bone stock, but there are always going to enthusiasts looking to push this powertrain to its limits.
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