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Auto Express Reviews the 2015 Jaguar XE S

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Auto Express has written up a review of the 2015 Jaguar XE S, and they love it. Here I'll give you the run-down of what they think of the currently range-topping XE, and I'll also link to the full review at the end.

The 2015 Jaguar XE S sits at the top of the XE range until Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations division comes out with an even more powerful version. It runs on the 335 bhp supercharged V6 engine that is currently found in the entry-level F-Type. The engine is responsive and provides both a satisfying growl when pressed, and a smooth and quiet ride when driven more casually.

Handling is pointed to as a particular bright spot for the XE S:

...where the XE really shines is in the corners. The steering is pin sharp, and there’s very minimal body roll. Even on the bigger wheels the ride is calm and composed, and thanks to the standard-fit adaptive dampers it remains perfectly sorted on all roads and surfaces.
When it comes to appearances Auto Express also has great things to say of the XE S. As tested, the XE S has a red leather interior and 'S' embossed seats -- both of which are no-cost options, and you won't find no-cost options like that in a comparable German model. The vehicle also ran on larger 20s that cost an additional £800. All this contributes to the XE S being hailed as "even more striking then BMW's M Sport models."

It's great to hear the the XE is taking on, and according to some, surpassing the Germans. It's about time something did. I do question the review's bias a bit though since it really doesn't have any criticisms of the XE S. Auto Express also awarded the XE with the title of Compact Executive Car of the Year in its 2015 New Car Awards last month. So perhaps it isn't the most objective review.
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