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Brit green Jag UR

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The best of congratulations to you! Not only because it’s an XE, but also because I have a late 2017 XE in British Racing Green too!;) Mine had 11 miles on it.

The earlier owners of 2016 and some 2017 XEs were reporting a handful of famous defects or problems, and were starting to blame it on the Solihull factory,… but mine behaves absolutely perfect, with none of the problems the other owners were reporting.
I’d like to think that whatever those problems may have been, Jaguar addressed them all and finally milled out the practically perfect versions that I (and now you) have in our garage.

The Brit Green is no longer offered in England XE’s. I still find that impossible to accept as true, but the UK owners keep saying it is true. US model XEs are still available in the famous British Green, but not the 2018 UK models.
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There are benefits to selecting the black too. Black is coldly-menacing on the XE, the way it is on many BMWs. And it retains that menacing look from all angles. But that also becomes the reason why the audience gradually ignores the black color after a while of seeing it.

The Brit Green has a more aggressive (not cold) look on the XE, and only from the front. I’ve seen people glance at the car FOUR times repeatedly---not a double-take, but a QUADRUPLE-take, as they approach it from the front---they just keep scanning the front of it with the “wha-what kind of car is—is…?”
From the sides, it’s still animal-aggressive, but from the rear or off-angle, the car is no longer as menacing as it is in Black. Black can get a look even from the rear---my Green XE hardly gets a bit of respect from the rear.

But, yes, that Green does change personalities constantly. Early morning, glowing dark green hornet. Midday, sparkly popping grown-up dazzle in the sun. 9pm, parked amongst somebody else’s cars, it looks so grey and hides so well, the punks can’t even find your Brit Green car.

I’ll bet in England, where the weather seems to change every 3 hours or so, this Green must be an amazing opera to watch.
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Am I reading this correctly, or have I just tapped into a dead website?

Is the British Racing Green no longer an option on the 2018 US model XE’s?

I heard this was happening to the UK market,… but didn’t expect it off the American shelf too.

Granted there are some interesting looking colors in the new US set, and the option to go NON-metallic is always nice to consider. But no GREEN at all?

Must not be appealing enough to the current sense of fashion…
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