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Hello all!

Loving my new XE and hope to enjoy continuing conversations with fellow XE owners on this forum.

I have a question. I purchased the In Control Touch Navigation and Wifi. All is working well with the current (and temporary) AT&T account and SIM card; however, my current phone service provider is Verizon and I would like to add the car's account/SIM to Verizon.

I thought it would simply be a matter of signing-up (similar to adding a new phone line) then swapping-out the AT&T SIM card. When I spoke with Verizon, they were confused and unable to give me guidance. They recommended that I start by providing them with a device number (IMEI#, MEID# ... similar to an ESM)

Has anyone had experience with changing from AT&T to another carrier for their XE's wifi service?

Thanks, in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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