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Colour for new Jaguar XE

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Had a Caesium Blue XE and now have option for new version

Considering colours. Saw Silicon Silver and Carpathian Grey as other options.

Any feedback / suggestions please?

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Not sure whether you got the car yet. But I would go with that brown interior with the Caesium Blue. As for the other two colors Id go with either brown or red interior. But would lean more towards the red interior. I had 5 BMW's in a row before my 2018 Jaguar. One was a sedan that was black with gray interior. Then there were 2, 2 door 335 coups. 1 was AWD and the 2nd was rear wheel drive but they were both manual. The coupes were space gray with saddle brown interior, the second was Le Mans Blue with saddle brown interior. Then I had the Mineral gray with red interior 335GT. And the last one was the 435Xi grand coupe in Glacier Silver metalic with red interior. My two Jaguars are British racing green with cream and black interior and Firenze Red with black interior.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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