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Complaining About in Car Electronics...

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CR says complaints are on the rise, makes sense when you consider their proliferation...

Problems with in-dash electronic systems are a “growing reliability plague” for many automakers, Consumer Reports said in its latest Annual Auto Reliability Survey. The report attempted to predict the reliability of 2015 models currently in dealer showrooms by evaluating models from past years.
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A lot of the problem is the infotainment and electronic systems in cars. Those systems are becoming more and more complex and important to the car. I think their importance is growing faster than automakers are making them better. They are playing catch-up.
I've heard that the QNX based systems are best. Really I don't hear good things about many systems though. it is usually the bad systems that get all the press I guess.
Usually automakers pair with a tech firm to make the infotainment systems. There is an android platform and an apple platform. Not sure if every car maker pairs with a tech firm or if there are some that are completely doing their own thing.
So when and in what car will we be seeing this Android L system first?
So do you mean that it is just faster? There must be some differences or else, well, they wouldn't be that different at all, would they?
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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