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Confirmed: Jaguar Motorsports are Back!

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Last week we heard the first rumblings that JLR was looking to involve itself in the growing Formula E championship. This week we have confirmation.

Jaguar will return to the track with a full works effort in conjunction with Williams Advanced Engineering- the guys who developed Audi's famous spaceship sounding flywheel.

Somewhat ironically Jaguar doesn't currently produce an electric vehicle, this project is supposed to signal that JLR is now serious about alternative propulsion.

"The way Formula E's technology roadmap is laid out is really going to pull parts of the technology that are going to be incredibly relevant to the real world," said JLR director of group engineering Nick Rogers. "Also, you can't beat being part of a racing team. To be involved in racing is just the absolute ultimate."

The team will be taking delivery of 4 Dallara series spec chassis in the coming weeks, while development has already begun on Jaguars proprietary powertrain.

It will be interesting to see how much benefit they reap from partnering with Williams. While manufacturers are allowed to develop their own motors, inverters, gearboxes and cooling systems the battery is still supplied by Williams Engineering.

This isn't the first time Jaguar has worked with Williams, the two worked closely on Jaguar's C-X75 hybrid concept car.

"We're pretty excited by C-X75, which is naturally flowing into the Formula E – the battery and motor it uses is a fundamental foundation of the championship. As it goes forward we'll look at other technologies. It's really exciting." added Rogers.

But most significant to speed freaks, Jaguar just might revive the revered British Racing Green on its race cars.

"The nice thing about returning to Formula E is it's about taking racing to a lot of people who are new to motorsport," said Team Director James Barclay, "while for people who know about our past success it heralds a new era.

"Clearly, what we'll do is pay homage to the past but we'll wait to confirm exactly how we'll manifest that in livery and team name."
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