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Corroded Wheel Nuts

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Just had to take the new XE in to Kwikfit as I had a screw in rear off side tyre. Thank god for maintenance!! However the guy showed me one of the wheel nuts and it's very corroded, see image.

This is only after 700 miles so it'll need a trip to the dealers. Might be worth a check as it could be a wider issue. He said they were all corroded on that wheel with some worse than others.


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Sorry newbie here, hi everyone.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the heads up. Didn't think they would corrode so fast, but luckily Jaguar was pretty generous with their warranty when it comes to the XE.

Expected more form you Jaguar...
Well that's pretty upsetting. Thankfully you don't have anything to worry about until warranty ends at least ? Then maybe move on to aftermarket lugs ?
I'm sort of hoping it's a one off but will get dealer to check them all out.

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Doubt it unfortunately. They'll all get to that point very quickly if that was the case with this set. But once you're dealer is working with you, you should be alright for now. If you plan on keeping the XE for long, I would definitely ask them if there was anything that could reduce the amount of corrosion build up
Obee (and the rest of you), where in the US are you situated, and did you drive the XE at all during the winter?

Here in NY, the transit authorities decided to switch from regular rock salt/sand to a "brine and beet juice" solution that some other states had already started using.
The stuff is slimy, leaves a slippery residue on paving stones that makes pedestrians annoyed, and turns out to be EXTRA corrosive on auto underbody and parts. I have a front bumper guard made out of COATED steel, and noticed that in two months the coating had been eaten off and the steel guard was turning orange from rust. The stuff ATE through COATED steel!

It had me so nervous, I researched all over the net, and found that the DMV here, along with some professional auto mechanic advisers recommended flushing the underbody and wheels rigorously after the last salt has been washed of the streets.

I use baking soda mixed with soapy hot water, and a garden pump sprayer to spray the stuff well up inside every pocket you can see under the car---that means wheel wells, calipers, lug nuts, tops of exhaust lines.

If you let your car out any time at all during the winter, find out for sure what ice-melt product your city used. If it's beet juice, get it off your car like a bad virus!
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