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Felt the same way driving it last night

Hi guys, i am new here. anyway, just some feedback on the diesel engine, it's nice and perfectly powerful (torque), buttttttt, the engine noise makes me feels like it's breaking apart :| I didn't dare to floor the accelerator much. haha.
Yes, I felt the same way when I got a second chance to drive my wife's XE 2.0d for 1.5 hours each way over many different roads (rural) at night and was also unwilling to "gun it" to see how it would respond, as it sounded a bit weak.

Having gotten used to two very powerful (torque) inline six turbo-diesels, its curious to find the new Jag engine giving me this feeling.

My first guess is it is partly from being a smaller motor with less power, and the way the exhaust has been calibrated for sound (it sees to growl at times like a cat). The transmission ratios and shifting behavior also seem to make a difference. I don't know how sophisticated the engine/transmission programming is compared to, say, BMW or Mercedes, but the car may still be getting its adjustments in order.

Just thought I would verify that no, you are not crazy for feeling the engine is a bit tinny or weak. I think putting the car through its paces when more miles have "broken it in" may reveal more.

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