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Does keyless (hands-free) entry not come standard?

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I recently purchased a 2017 Jaguar XE 25t Premium and made the assumption that in this day and age, most cars, especially luxury cars, would come equipped with key detection technology so I don't have to reach into my pocket for the remote every time I want to unlock the car. I have tried to grab the handle, as described in the manual, but the car does not seem to detect the key and I can only open it manually with the remote. Does this not come standard? If not, and if I in fact do not have this option, is there any way to add this, either via aftermarket installation or via a Jaguar dealer? This may be one of the biggest disappointments I could have with this car if it does not have it. Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I was wondering the same thing. Did you find out if it can be added? It is very disappointing not to have key detection.
I would be very delighted to hear the answer as well...
I've only thought about opening the car without a key on a few occasions. First, I asked someone to open my car for me and get some things or documents. The second was when I lost my keys. And yes, I lost the damn key a lot, so I had to contact car key duplication companies like this Key Duplication Service, Keys, Fobs & Smart Keys - Car Key Duplication constantly. Maybe soon someone will come up with technology where I don't have to fumble through my pockets looking for my keys, and the car will unlock itself to me in my immediate vicinity, you know. That would be an excellent upgrade.
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