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Driven 1351 miles from Portugal to Gibraltar

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An interesting feature article from the journalists at Worth reading and viewing the pictures.

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It's hard to read the article knowing there's a ton of amazing pictures to scroll through :D

After a couple of hours, we spear off down a tight sliproad and get a sneak preview that the XE is something special; it hooks into the bend with a confidence-inspiring agility that encourages you to keep the throttle pinned, and all the while there’s a fairly long-travel flow to the suspension that reassures you that no expansion joint will spit it off line.
^ snippets like that from the article will have BMW owners thinking Jaguar.
I know the rock of Gibraltar and its strategic importance but I've never really seen pictures. Seems like an awesome destination for a road trip.

This caption was a strange one I thought:

Looks quite generic? That's what XE customers want, we're told...
I don't think that the Jaguar XE is generic. I would say that the design is restrained a bit, but it is still striking and stands out in its simplistic, but gorgeous aesthetic.
it's a very tame looking vehicle, I like it since it holds a level of class that isn't trying to be anything its not, slotting into its segment perfectly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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