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Future PHEV Jaguar XE ?

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Jaguar said that they will be introducing a selection of PHEV (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) to their lineup before the full EV I-Pace gets sent out in 2018.

Do you think they will be developing a plug-in Jaguar XE ? :eek:
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Considering sales aren't looking that bad for the XE in Europe and US, I'm pretty sure they'll develop a PHEV Jaguar XE. The only thing is, they do have 5 different powertrain options, so I'm pretty sure they'll let go of one of them. It's just which one...
They will have to even if they don't want since it's another way to make use of that powertrain and take advantage of a growing segment.

Being a brand that's sort of being reborn they have to continue testing segments and see what works for them.

If it happens then the EV XE will be a good look at how good/bad Jaguar EV's overall will be during these initial years.

It should be a good time to introduce one to see if the market will work as the segment isn't full developed into that sense yet. If they bring it out and it doesn't work, they still have some time to really get into there and change the necessary things to make it work.
I'm pretty sure this powertrain will make it to their top selling vehicles on the lineup. Or could it be the other way around and be given the lower end sales to try and boost them?
They're still on the process of testing things. If they think that it will be better to produce a plug-in Jaguar, and then they will continue to develop it. They will consider using the powertrain and figure out things for the cars
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