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You may disagree but at least hear me out first. The XE's architecture has been crafted from a mix of pressed aluminium sheets and castings joined with rivets and aerospace glue, you know the stuff they stick 747 wings on with ;)

Because Jaguar is using rivets and adhesives to keep it all together instead of conventional welding or the more modern laser welding/sintering it means that the panels are easily exchangeable. Exchangeable, this man has lost his head I can already hear you castigating. hehehh, funny but the thing is that it allows Jaguar the option of replacing the XE's aluminium panels with something like say Carbon Fiber.

BUT, BUT, CF is expensive.

Thats right it is, and so is the XE-R...

long ramble short, Jaguar can and likely will replace parts of the XE's body structure with carbon fiber panels to lighten the load on the inevitable XE-R...

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