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Hi, everyone!

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Hi, i live in Germany, lower saxony, near Bremen, and i am a car mechanic and work for Mercedes Benz.
Just bought my Jaguar a few days ago.
Wonderfull car! It's a Diesel, 2l 180hp.
Thema last 6years i drive MG TF and a MG ZTT190 first registration in january 2006.
Then i had a Camaro.....
Not my style.
But now, i have found, what i'm Looking for馃槈
Back to the roots.
I also have a Morris Minor Traveller.
But in a bad condition.
No time....
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Hi Sascha, and welcome! A Merc mechanic who drives a Jag. Nice! How'd you like that diesel? I have the same engine in an F-Pace and it's not the quietest on the outside but when you get rolling it's barely audible on the inside. Less weight to pull in an XE too, I bet it drives nice? Do you have photos?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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