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MT sat down with Eberhardt to talk brand perception and quality...

"And I think before we talk about the future product—just one step back—Jaguar has one of the most storied histories in the car business. Racing pedigree, racing success, some of the most beautiful cars with the C-, D-type, lightweight E-type, XK120, and Mk1 and Mk2. So really a history that was always focused not just on racing success but on performance, design, and all of that in a value package. I mean, William Lyons said, 'Pace, grace, and space.' That was one of the taglines. Another was, 'Fast, beautiful cars.' But it was always this combination of making a car that was performance-oriented, that looks pretty, that is sort of affordable. "And with that brand DNA we think we really have something that we can continue to build the brand on and evolve further. So that process started in '09 with the XF, XJ, and the XK. But really, up until today, we were a three-car brand, three model lines … that as we know today are somewhat limited in size, especially as of late are under severe pressure from an overall line perspective because of the SUV growth in particular.
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