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If the Jaguar XE comes with an optional Glass Roof, would you get it?

If the Jaguar XE comes with an optional Glass Roof, would you get it?

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I always loved panoramic roofs aka glass roofs, and had a chance to test drive an XJ with it and I have to say it was a great experience, something I might consider getting for the XE if it is an option. If it is an option, would you get it? Describe below and add your vote to the poll above.

Jaguar XJ Panoramic Glass Roof:

The airy, spacious yet private XJ cabin area is enhanced by the panoramic, heat-reflective tinted glass roof. It extends to the full width of the car and sweeps as far back as the rear seat area, filtering UV rays and flooding the interior with natural light. In addition, the black roof pillars create the impression of a floating roofline, emphasizing the long, low and wide profile of the XJ.

This stunning design was fully imagined before a single physical panel was formed. The XJ was constructed virtually in one of the world’s most advanced vehicle design simulators at the Jaguar Virtual Reality Center. There, every component was modeled in over 43,000 separate 3D simulations, and close to 2.5 million miles were covered on virtual journeys across the world’s most harsh and arduous terrain.
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I've always liked panoramic roofs. I think it is great having the extra natural light in the cabin. Cars can be stuffy and cramped but having that extra openness really makes a difference for me. The panoramic roof would sit pretty high on my list of options if it's offered.
I've typically been ok with just a moonroof. Unless the price is right and the view is downright stunning I don't see it being high on my priorities. Pano roofs really bake the cabin as well, even with the shade pulled...
It is true that it can make the car very hot, but I think that is only a concern depending on where you live. In Canada the weather isn't deathly hot usually so its not a huge concern to have to deal with some extra heat during the height of the summer.
Do the people who aren't such a big fan of the panoramic roof dislike it because they think its not worth the money, or would you guys still not like the panoramic roof even if it didn't come at an extra cost?
If its too expensive than I can do without, but I'm willing to pay a pretty penny for the panoramic roof. Hopefully I am able to afford it.
I'd pay a decent amount for it. I wouldn't want to pay more than $3,000. If it is between $2,00 and $3,000 I'd have to give it some though, but lower than that I am perfectly fine with.
Why are insurance companies charging more for them? Do they shatter or something? Never thought about the extra weight, but I'd still want one.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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