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With the true manual-only cars getting scarcer and more expensive to buy, the ****-enthusiasts are often retraining themselves to master the paddles. Those are the kinds of drivers who'll be working those paddles a lot, and could benefit from the pleasure of feeling cool metal under their fingers.
I would be worried about buying aftermarket PADDLES (because to me the paddle location on the XE’s small steering wheel has no extra room for any oversized 3rd party paddle replacement).

But I did buy the Jaguar's own metal foot PEDAL covers. (I think the XE deserves metal foot pedals as STANDARD).
They are excruciatingly difficult to squeeze onto the existing pedals (made my fingernails bleed).
But they have TWO really good advantages over any 3rd-party set:

1. They are subtle in design, so they don’t “look” like someone’s cheap pimp swap out pedals. (If you want more aggressive looking lines, check out the F-Type metal pedals that Jaguar makes. I think it’s the same fit, but with the rubber ribs in a more racy and aggressive pattern).

2. Jaguars metal pedals are also the real-deal stainless steel plate (not some gimmicky stainless steel). They clean off completely with just dishwashing soap and a paper towel. No visible scratches or stains at all after a year of winter salt and grime from my shoes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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