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Interior cockpit revealed

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Howdy. Surprised no one posted this yet. Jaguar XE interior cockpit revealed through press release regarding in-car tech.

I think the interior cockpit looks okay. Not horrible, but not amazing. Maybe it'll look better in colour. I do like the sporty steering wheel and laser head-up display. Will reserve final judgement until I see it in person.

From Left Lane News:

By Ronan Glon

Tuesday, Aug 19th, 2014 @ 5:00 am

Jaguar has detailed the high-tech features that will be found in the upcoming XE, a compact luxury sedan designed to take on the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The XE will inaugurate a new infotainment system called InControl Touch. Controlled via an eight-inch touch screen located on the center stack, InControl Touch will group the car's entertainment, climate control, connectivity and navigation functions into a single unit. Jaguar promises all of InControl Touch's features will be accessible via voice commands.

The XE's infotainment system will also run Jaguar's new InControl Apps, a smartphone integration software designed to work seamlessly with both Apple and Android devices. Passengers will be able to access the bulk of their phone's features on the touch screen and use additional purpose-designed apps to book a hotel room, get parking information, check traffic and make conference calls.

A laser-projected heads-up display will be available at an extra cost. The configurable color display will show a wide array of information ranging from speed, navigation directions, cruise control settings and traffic sign recognition.

What we know so far
A teaser image published by Jaguar reveals the XE's front end borrows styling cues like its rectangular radiator grille, its three large air dams and its elongated headlights from other members of the Jaguar lineup including the larger XF and XJ sedans.

The XE will be largely built using lightweight materials like aluminum, and Jaguar engineers have even developed a new type of alloy called RC 5754. All told, the aluminum-intensive construction will give the XE the most torsional rigidity of any sedan Jaguar has ever built.

Technical details are still being finalized but Jaguar has confirmed power will come from members of its new family of modular turbocharged engines. Entry-level models will pack a four-cylinder mill, while upmarket models like the XE-S pictured will likely use a V6 engine. European buyers will have access to at least one turbodiesel engine but Jaguar will not offer the oil-burner on this side of the pond.

Rear-wheel drive wheel come standard and all-wheel drive will be available at an extra cost. Earlier reports indicate the XE will boast electronic power steering, an advanced traction control system called All Surface Progress Control and an evolution of the F-Type's front suspension.

The Jaguar XE will be fully revealed at a private event held in England next September. The sedan will greet the public for the first time at the Paris Motor Show the following month, and it is scheduled to go on sale across the United States in time for the 2016 model year.

InControl Touch, InControl Apps and the heads-up display will gradually make their way to other members of the Jaguar - Land Rover lineup in the coming years.

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The interior layout looks great to me. Still interested in seeing what sort of materials they add, design is nice. Across the board, most Jaguar interior layouts and materials have been great to me.
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