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Hi all,

I just noticed that some websites are rumoring an electric power train for the XE, just because they spotted a car with an Blue E badge...

See the website...

But I think they're wrong (for now). Its just the E-performance badge, as shown in the XE car configurator on the Jaguar site (configure a 163ps version and watch its tail...). See the attached thumbnail below.

So, for now, no news about any Hybrid/Electric XE.


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Jaguar XE Spied Testing with Electric Drivetrain

Jaguar seems to be preparing an electrified version of its XE sedan. Autiguide spy photographers spotted an XE testing wearing a round blue badge with the letter "E" on it.

Given that blue tends to denote electric vehicles, and the letter "E" does as well, this points towards a XE EV. Not sure whether its a full electric version or a hybrid at this point though.

Rumors have been swirling that the F-Pace would be the brand's first EV model, but this spy shot is one reason to question that rumor.

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