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It's a fight which looks certain

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It's a fight which looks certain to break all pay-per-view records, and after months of build-up Mayweather vs McGregor will get under way in just over one day's time. The talking must stop, briefly, on Saturday night as the the out-of-retirement best boxer of his generation Floyd Mayweather faces the UFC's biggest star, Conor McGregor, in Sin City.
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I think this fight will be considered as the fight of the year. I mean, both of them are great in their fields. They both excel at what they do. For me, my pick for this is Mayweather since it is his court. Bring the money! :)
Yes, but it’s a serious shame how the event was promoted at the last minute. It was difficult enough to keep boxing devotees respectful of the Macgregor (Mac being sort of an unwelcomed visitor in someone else’s professional world). The worst thing the promoters could have done was push these two professionals on each other in the press-meeting, dress them like it’s a commercial for BVDs, and have them bark in one another’s mouths like two trolls about to eat a hobbit in that 1970’s Lord of the Rings cartoons.

You could tell by their eyes that these were two decent-spirited people, each a high credit to his own sport and nearly too humbly professional to be convincing in a slapstick Rocky-versus-Creed press hype, trying to feed fake rage to the public. I almost felt embarrassed for the both of them with that stunt---if their peckers had accidentally touched each other standing there, they both would have broken out and in embarrassed laughter--- You could tell neither one of these guys rose this high in his career by being a dude who spits trash talk in his enemy’s face.

Boxing came so close to losing integrity in the foul way they promoted and exploited Mike Tyson… IF I were these two fighters, I would have worked out an agreement man to man, NOT to let our agents put us up to a clown display like this before the honest fight.

I still haven’t seen the recording of the fight. But May is a serious professional, and so is Mac in his variation of the sport---and it sounds like the fight showed both honor and dignity in what they do, and that silly screaming-in-my-underwear press gimmick was shoved way behind them where it belonged.
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I agree, though I wasn't a fan of setting up this fight in the first place. They just made a BIG fuss to make the most money, but it was obvious that Floyd will win, both are amazing at what they do and they had fought on Floyd's turf, he clearly is just a better boxer. At least I've scored pretty much a loads of cash with my mate from DSRLeasing betting on Floyd :)
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