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Jag xe r-sport - next step

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Hello again,,

For those, who dont know the story, my Jag Xe, 2.0d Auto have a crash, and since that day, i turned my own DIY repairing my car..., but now i'm facing the critical parts....

Now, and after the propshaft thing solved my other post), here is the new problem.

I've replaced all airbags on car by new ones that i've buyed in Jaguar Dealer.
The Airbag ECU, (Restrain Control Module), i'm trying to clear it here localy - Erase Crash Data - til now, not possible... maybe i will buy new one...

Since the crash, the car is showing ABS Fault, Check pedestrian protection system, stability control fail, ASPC unnavailable, emergency braking system not available, AEB fault on dash.

Is this related with RCM (Restrain control Module) by being with Airbag crash info) and with all recorded data and is restraining the Can Line???

When i connect SDD to the car via Mongoose (clone), ABS module, PSCM (Power steering control odule), SASM (Steering Angle Sensor Module), Pedestrian and parking, the modules dont communicate. they only appear as a red cross, for sure, something bad is happening.

Can the Airbag ECU, (Restrain Control Module) being shuting this modules down? Can be Faulty ABS module also?

Some one has some feedback?

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