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Jag xe r-sport

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Hello to all,

I'm a proud owner of a jaguar xe 2.0d r-sport.

After having a crash with the car, and repaired everything now i'm facing one problem but let me explain what i did and what is happening.

To repair the body i have removed the engine from the car, together with the auto gear box.
After the body repair, I've assembled the engine and gearbox again, together with all other things...

After, assemblying the shaft beetween the transmission and the gearbox, i forgot that i shoud make a reference on both ends, but the car starts, the gear box knob risers and allow me to choose the driving mode..

If i pick any mode, if i try to chose D, the car do not move, and makes a small noise underneath of the car, something like from transmission or.... if i pick S i can chosse any gear, but, the car dont move...

Someone can help??

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Maybe it's a programming issue with the transmission to ECU?

Odds are in the repair process something might have been reset and thrown the ECU out.
Aside from that i'm not sure what else it could be.

Might be worth speaking to a Jaguar dealer about this even if its just for an opinion
I believe that is something wrong with the transmission.
If you do not have years of experience in car maintenance and repair, speak to Jaguar is best.
I do not know the Jaguar auto transmission, but checking the transmission regulator valve may help.
That sounds like a transmission issue itself to me. If it's making a small noise, then that could mean that it's trying to engage the shift but nothing is synchronizing inside the transmission itself.
it might even help to find out what model of transmission it is because odds are you might find that it has a history of problems.
not always will companies like JLR put entirely new components in, often they'll throw in what's good enough on mainstream models which could be either good or bad for us.
I've been watching this thread for a little bit hoping OP would come back and let us know. It would be great knowledge just in case someone else has to endure this upset!
hello everyone,

it was the Propshaft that was broken.:nerd:
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