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Jaguar Announces US XE Pricing Will Start at $35,000

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The Jaguar XE will go on sale in the US in Spring 2016, and Jaguar has now stated that the price of the base model will be $34,900. That will get you the XE 25t, which comes equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 240 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque.

The mid-range model, the XE 20d, starts at $36,400. That model comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel that makes 180 horsepower and 318 lb-ft of torque.

The top-of-the-line model is the XE 35t. This model comes with the 3.0-liter V6 that can be found in the Jaguar F-Type. It produces 340 horsepower and will be priced just under $42,000.
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Good price with the XES can't wait to test drive one and compare to my ATS
Do you have any expectations for how the two will compare? Are you going to keep your ATS or will the XES be a replacement?
My ATS is a lease that will be turned in by Sept 2016 but it depends on what happens between now then since I am possibly waiting for a return deal for the right CTS Vsport or might just ditch Cadillac due to some current issues..

My expectations with the XES after reading reviews and owner comments on this and the other site gives me the assumption that the XES is basically the same as my ATS 2.0t Rwd Performance trim except a different flavor brand with a bigger trunk IMO ... With hopefully better dealer service and treatment because that is where Cadillac has really failed me...
My ATS is tuned with another 42hp and 56 ft lbs so 0-60 and ect is to close to bother comparing..
XES is tied with the CTS Vsport exterior looks wise and I definitely like the XES exterior way better than the new front refresh on the ATS..
I think the new ATS look is terrible with the aluminum smile on the lower front...

My only complaint with the XES is the interior door panel design is ugly and the dash looks out dated IMO but I am going to save my reservations until I can actually sit in one and drive it personally..
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Glad to hear you're putting value in the driving experience which is what really matters but of course the more well rounded of a package as it can be the better.

I can see what you mean about the dash. I don't think its dated, but it definitely isn't forward thinking.
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Replacing the traditional dash look with something a little more modern would definitely go along way with this car.. IMO
It's very late-2000's looking. And that might be one of the contributing factors into why interest in the XE may be low since to the mass of consumers things like this really stick out. They don't do as deep digging into the details as we do.
Replacing the traditional dash look with something a little more modern would definitely go along way with this car.. IMO
What vehicles do you think have examples of more modern looking dashboards?
What vehicles do you think have examples of more modern looking dashboards?
Cadillac CT6, XT5, Tesla model S, Buick Avenir..

I do think Jaguar did a better job blending the infotainment screen in to the dash than the German 3 though where usually look like an after thought..
Totally agree on the Tesla Model S. Oh, and the CT6 interior now that I look is amazing. Do keep in mind that the CT6 is a top of the line sedan while the XE is entry level luxury. Most of what I find for the Avenir are concept pictures but that's nice too. Again, more upmarket and a concept so a little far reaching.

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The design of the dash and how it looks visually has no affect on the price of those cars..
CT6 starts at 53k which is within range of how I option out an XE S
Avenir is a concept but it is supposedly going to be built soon in one form or another..

Other than the optional real wood veneer trim which Jaguar already also uses the actual dash material is still Leatherette/Vinyl same as Jaguar also but the actual design does not dictate the price of the vehicle it is in..
The CT6 interior design already trickled down to the XT5

I just think this was an area where cost wasn't involved and Jaguar decided to stick with the same old traditional dash design type for some reason..

Even LCD instrument displays are already in cars that cost cheaper than both brands mentioned..
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I think you are mistaken about the price of the design not changing at all. Look at high end Mercedes models and then look at the CLA and GLA. There is a definite difference.
There not much of a difference to me between the S Class and CLA other than better materials used in the S Class and better infotainment touch screen integration with a larger touch screen.
That is where the money goes not the actual shape of the dash.. IMO

When I test drove the CLA AMG 45 that was the biggest let down for me with the way they just slapped the touch screen on the top of the dash like an after market Garmin unit but I don't think the price of the car dictated that design..
It was probably more of a size and space constraint...
Now that's something I wouldn't have expected since you'd think an S-Class of all things would get different treatment. I though the commonality would die off from the C-Class with the E-Class being the next one up to be different.
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