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Jaguar has taken the time to tell us about some of the technologies that are on the horizon. Examples that they give are cars that can predict how warm you'd like your seat on a rainy day, and ask you if you'd like to pick up flowers on your anniversary.

These technologies are part of Jaguar Land Rover's Smart Assistant project, which has the goal of making vehicles more intelligent to pull in a growing group of urban residents who are more fixated on smartphones than cars. This trend contributes to declining ownership rates in Europe's biggest cities, where public transport and car sharing are viable alternatives to owning a vehicle.

The new Smart Assistant technology will be rolled out gradually over the next 2 years. Not all functions will be available immediately.

“In terms of what the customer will experience, it’s more of a feeling of the car becoming a much smarter and a much more alive thing to interact with,” said Anthony Harper, head of research at Jaguar.

I don't want a car that does everything for me though. I guess I'll try to pick and choose which ones will work for me, but I think that it is overkill to have the car automatically set a temperature for your seat warmer.
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