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Jaguar Hints at Electric Vehicles Coming in Two Years

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AutoGuide caught up with Jaguar design direct Ian Callum at the New York auto show, where he confirmed that a "big surprise" is coming for jaguar.

“Within two years, we’ll have something that’s not driven by a petrol engine,” he said, before joking that it’ll have, “just a couple of hamsters.”
With patent filings for "EV-Type," "I-Type," and "I-Pace," models, one can dare to make a guess that Jaguar is going to come out with electric versions of the F-Type and F-Pace. Perhaps another jaguar will receive the treatment as well, or there could be an electric Jaguar that is completely unique.

But there will be more news or a new model or concept car from Jaguar before the year is out, with Callum promising an additional surprise, which is likely to debut at the Paris Motor Show this fall.
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Anyone that has been with this forum long enough will know a CUV will be part of that line up, a vital product when you look at how well other car makers are progressing with CUV's of their own, from the Germans to Japanese. Jaguar doesn't want to miss out.
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