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When the XE arrives on North American shores next spring it will do with a strange contraption sticking out of the centre console.

According to Car & Driver the XE will be available with a manual to anyone who wants one. Well that's not quite true. You'll only be able to get one on the entry level XE 25t.

Jaguar has seen some success offering the manual in their F-Type, where it enjoys a 10-20% take rate. Jaguar is banking on similar figures for the XE.

“It is enough to be worth the investment, and we are happy with our decision,” North American CEO Joe Eberhardt told C&D.

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I would really love to have a manual transmission with my XE, however, in checking with different Jaguar dealers I found that it was not an option. And that's strange, because I had to order my XE to get the features that I wanted (Prestige, TDI, British Racing Green, etc.), so it wouldn't have been a problem to just install the manual transmission, and I would have paid extra for them to do it. But I was told that the manual transmission on the XE was not tested or certified or something, so there was no way, no how. Otherwise I think I'll be very pleased with my XE when it arrives in February.

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