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Jaguar Land Rover aims to sell more than 500,000 vehicles in 2015

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Jaguar Land Rover has made it its goal to sell over 500,000 vehicles in 2015. The Jaguar XE and the Land Rover Discovery Sport, to be introduced in 2015, are poised to be a big boost to sales.

Last year Jaguar Land Rover sold 462,678 vehicles which represented a 9% growth in sales when compared to 2013 numbers.

Looking past 2015 to 2016, JLR is planning to introduce the F-Pace in all major markets. The company is also planning to invest $1.5-billion in China to hike sales in the country to 130,000 units a year.

Do you think that JLR can reach this goal?
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Good to see they're bringing an SUV to market, which is quite possible the next best move they can make here.

Seeing how well they have done with the XE...i'm expecting this to be just as good or better.
I think that this goal will be won or lost depending on JLR's ability to sell in China. The new models will bring some new sales no matter what. It's China where there is a big opportunity for growth. Its very competitive though.
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