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Jaguar Lets 11-Year Olds Drive the XE

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The Jaguar First program has been started in the UK. This PR tactic is meant to teach kids about traffic safety, and introduce them to driving a vehicle at a young age.

Kids between 11 and 17 are given the chance to drive the Jaguar XE equipped with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine developing 180 HP with automatic transmission. The driving takes place on closed courses throughout the UK: Allianz Park, London; Bath and West Showground, Bath; Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham; EventCity, Manchester; Lingfield Park Racecourse, Surrey; Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

I'm sure Jaguar also wants young kids to grow up always knowing that they want a Jaguar.

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If it reduces the risk of accidents when they start early, I don't see why they can't start in an enclosed space. Jaguar probably locked the car so that the kids can't get past a certain speed.
Wish they had this when I was younger. Learned how to drive in an old beat up honda.
They know some parents can't say no to their kids, so looking at it like that, this is a great way to recruit kids to send the message to their parents who can buy, and NOW.
Doubt an 11 year old is persuasive enough to made their parent's drop that much money on a new car just because they drove it at the program track.
Come their sixteenth birthday...

Brand associations made at a young age can run deep. This is actually really smart.
They're allowing anyone under 17 but above 11 years old to register for the classes. that is very smart marketing.
Have them drive Jaguar for years and by the time they hit 16 or 17 they're used to a certain brand. Not sure about the price though. It starts at £45 per lesson.
That's around the cost of hiring a driving instructor and their car anyways.
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