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Jaguar May Create A Two Seater EV

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Revealed by Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover’s group engineering director, the four door EV named 1+1 may be in Jaguar’s future.

Perhaps Jaguar wanted to repeat the I-Pace concept’s success as buyers were already placing order for the vehicle after its debut at the LA Motor Show. Now the automaker is looking to produce a range of pure electric vehicles by 2020 including the 1+1.

Exclusive images provided by AutoExpress shows an oddly proportioned car, and it isn’t a trick of the eye. The 1+1 is expected to be only half the width of the conventional premium vehicle and targeted towards those who are living in tight cities and towns. With such a small body, it’ll fit perfectly inside your garage alongside an F-Pace or Range Rover.

Though the body may be small, Jaguar won’t be cutting corners as it’ll still have the same premium feel as the rest of their lineup. Neither the front driver nor the single rear passenger will have to worry about safety as the 1+1 will have the same side-impact protection standards as JLR models around twice its size.

Of course, this is still under consideration and the design may not even come to fruition. What does everyone think of their latest EV concept? Or would you rather Jaguar work on a XE EV instead?
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This is a great idea. Just definitely not the time for it. They're going to have to wait a good while before they can release this. Right now EVs are the going thing but they're still at the beginning.. this looks to be a design meant for when the EVs are completely mainstream.
If it wasn't for being under Tata Motors then odds are we wouldn't see this happening, instead they would have been waiting for the current line up of Jaguar models to bring in more sales.

Unless they decided to take a gamble here,
Assuming the I-Pace is the model that Jaguar uses to perfect the EV drivetrain, charging, etc. We won't be seeing a two door EV until a few years after the I-pace has gone on sale.

Though I would be interested in one if it looked as sleek as the I-Pace but with a coupe body.
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