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Jaguar Predicts Sales Surge in 2016 because of F-Pace and XE

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Jaguar is looking forward to a sales surge next ear on the back of its F-Pace and XE models.

Jaguar's F-Pace will compete against cars like the BMW X3 and X5, the Porsche Macan and the Audi Q3. Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover's global sales director, said that the company will invest $5.3 billion in new products this year.

Goss also said that the F-Pace is very important to Jaguar as the crossover segment is due to grow by 40 percent globally in the next decade. Goss believes that the F-Pace and the XE will have "a multiplier effect" on Jaguar sales.

JLR will also benefit from the release of the Land Rover Discovery Sport, which is expected to appeal to younger buyers than the Range Rover line of SUVs. The main distinction between the Land Rover and Jaguar crossovers is that the latter has more off-road chops and can sit up to seven passengers.
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All three models (XE, F-Pace, Disco Sport) are interesting to me. But I have a strong suspicion that by the time they arrive, either I'll have bought something else, or those cars are going to be too expensive for my tastes.
So you aren't planning on buying any of those cars, and you also don't have the money? Are you decided on getting a luxury vehicle or should you be looking at a more mainstream brand?
how perceptive of them, introduce models, celebrate sales growth... indeed, now show us YoY marketshare gains... then, we can have champagne...
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