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Cookie cutter design? You mean, that they all look alike? That has also been my biggest concern. All BMW's look alike. The Audis as well. The same seems to be happening to Jaguar. When I see a photo of a Jaguar, I really have to look closely to see, if it's an XF or an XE or sometimes even an XJ. And I consider myself something of an expert. Ordinary people must be completely lost, like I am, when I see a BMW. I can't see, if it's a 300, 500 or 700 or if it's the newest model or a somewhat older model.

Up until now, there has only been one version of each with a facelift of the XF. BMW and Audi has had several generations, where the looks only developed slightly from generation to generation. Will that happen to Jaguar as well. When we see the test mules for the next XF, they look a lot like the current one. I don't really understand, how Jaguar can say, they designed the XE from a clean sheet. Which BTW used to be characteristic of Jaguar's.
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