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Jaguar shows us the front of the 2015 XE in S trim with Emeli Sande

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We will get to see all of the 2015 Jaguar XE on September 8th, but until then we get these photos that show us what the front of the XE in S trim will look like. It's also accompanied by singer Emeli Sande.

The campaign involves Ms. Sande writing a song about "the feeling of exhilaration." Songs have sold cars before, so I guess this could trun out to be a good idea. Other celebrities have also been called upon to help sell the XE. Those celebs are actor Idris Elba and Stella McCartney.
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can't wait to see what the rear end looks like.
The front looks great, and I am glad that the hood looks the way it does. I was a little afraid that the hood would have too severe sculpting. It looks just right to me though.

The back of the XE will probably be the bigger surprise though. I'm not sure at all what that will look like.
what had you thinking the hood might be too severe sculpting?
The sculpting on the XJ and XF is pretty pronounced and I just wasn't sure exactly how it would look on the XE.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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