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Jaguar trademarks "EV-Type" in US and Europe

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Jaguar Land Rover has filed a trademark for a new nameplate in the US and Europe. The new "EV-Type" trademark likely signals a brand new model for Jaguar.

There isn't much information on the details of the new car, but the "type" suffix means that it will likely be a new Jaguar model. With the name and the recent trend of alternative fuel sports cars, this new model could very well be hybrid-electric sports car. This EV sports car could help JLR meet CAFE regulations.

Jaguar hasn't said anything official about a hybrid version of the F-Type yet. In LA Jaguar will debut an AWD version of the F-Type that also has a manual transmission option.
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This article basically stopped at saying it will be sports car so for all we know it could be an XE coupe or what I believe a lot of us including myself would want to see which is an F-Type EV, preferably the coupe version.
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