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JAguar XE Fully Revealed...

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Lets blow September off, who needs to wait for the reveal when Manxxy's on the scene ;)

Scoped and stolen, this reveal comes to us from the interior video Jag released this week.

BOOM, roofline looks slick...

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Wow, the picture quality is great. Almost like its sitting right here in front of me. :p

Since we have already seen the front of the XE what I am most interested in seeing is the rear. Still can't see it here.
you sound like the type of person who drives looking in the rear view ;)0:)
You seem awfully sure of this. I mean it will probably be great, but it's not like you have seen it before so how can you be so sure?
how can you be so sure he hasn't seen what you say he hasn't seen? From some of his other posts on this site alone I believe he works with Jaguar, has worked with Jaguar in the past or has some very close ties to the company.

Not sure but going by some of the posts I saw early on whel following as a wall flower he does seem to have a breadth of understanding yet to be seen in the mainstream coverage...

Jon can you confirm? Wink twice for yes and once for no ;)0:)
I was seeing more tail, rear 3/4...
Do you think they might have the underbody covered up enough to help with it being aerodynamic or could that not happen?
It could happen, not the entire underbody, but for certain there will be a belly pan under the engine, and likely one back by the tank as well...
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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