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I get fed up of the X-Type rubbish, jaguar sold over 300,000 X-Types and was its most successful model ever, it is just the same people on the same bandwagon that rehash the same drivel all the time.

There was nothing wrong with the XT, Ford screwed it up by not investing in it properly, they would rather waste £100m on F1 than invest in cars, if anything the S-Type was the bggest dissapointment, as it never reached a break even point at any time in its build, whereas the XT did make a profit for some of its years.

If people actually knew what they were talking about originally, there would never have been this XT fable, we had two, best cars we had, until the XF, and we await the XE.

JLR would never allow this type of talk from its staff like Ford did, they had, and still have little idea on how to biuld a luxury car, they dumped all the good stuff, and since then Jaguar has made billions on profits, Volvo has made money, even Aston posted profits, so it shows Ford didnt have a clue.

The XT is a great car, let down by the bean counters that would not allow extra funds to expand and improve the car throughout its life.

RANT OVER - and breathe........ LOL
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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