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Jaguar XE Preliminary Pricing Information

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So some of the English media sites and smaller blogs have begun to speculate on the XE's entry level price. Autocar is reporting £29,000. However blogger Jon Mower who runs The Motoring World Blog claims he has it sourced from inside Jaguar that the XE would begin at sub 3 series £25K in the UK.
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No I'm saying at this point there are probably variable prices that Jaguar is working with internally. Figuring out forecasts for Price X nets N sales, Price Y nets N sales...

Eventually they will find the sweetest spot...
oh well all manufacturers need to do that.

determining the demand is important as that will give you an idea of how you can price it .
thought to be honest just look at the rest of jaguars offerings to kind of get an idea of how they are going to price it

at least structure wise
if they want to compete with the 3 series they will have to price it like a 3 series
i would say slightly over the bmw 3 series

just slightly

but it depends which one they go head to head with

they could go head to head with the 335i to START

not sure if jaguar wnats the 328i customers..
those clients probably wouldnt get a jaguar anyways
as long as the quality, comfort and performance are good. i think they can demand a slight premium over the boring german threesome
1 - 10 of 43 Posts
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