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Jaguar XE Preliminary Pricing Information

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So some of the English media sites and smaller blogs have begun to speculate on the XE's entry level price. Autocar is reporting £29,000. However blogger Jon Mower who runs The Motoring World Blog claims he has it sourced from inside Jaguar that the XE would begin at sub 3 series £25K in the UK.
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I realize converting this to other currencies is only so useful, but that is something like $40,000 in USD. Are cars generally more expensive in the UK, or will the XE cost somewhere around $40k when it comes to the US?
Ok so now looking at Jag USA pricing on the XF, they have it in base poverty pack at $47K. Now if you go and look at the 3 series US pricing they begin at $32K, I believe Jaguar will want to keep a bit of premum cushion between the germans and them I'm saying starting on the XE will likely be $37K in the US...
$37k doesn't sound that bad, but it will be pricier in Canada and then you have to add in options and things. All the sudden it might be a bit more than i am wanting to spend on an "affordbale" Jaguar.
A variable price point? Does that mean they aren't quite sure what they are going to price it at?

How do they decide? Is it based on forecasts for how many they will sell? Still, how do they come up with that number?
But do you think they will price it right at 3 series levels or slightly above it? DO they want the XE and the Jaguar brand generally to be <, =, or > BMW?

I would guess that they price it slightly above. Just to make it seem more exclusive.
What do you think makes the Jaguar XE better than its comparable German competitors. What is going to justify that slight premium?
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