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I read an interesting thread in another Jaguar forum, about extinguishers in your car with you.

We debated whether you’re more likely to grab the extinguisher during a fire situation:

If the extinguisher is mounted somewhere in the seating cabin with you…

If the extinguisher is mounted in the trunk (boot)…

The argument was, no matter how “cool under pressure” you imagine you will be in a fire… when that fire emergency breaks out right beside you in the tight cabin of your car, human impulse will be to leap out the door, scramble away---and leave the poor extinguisher attached inside the hot cabin for a few seconds before you rush back to it.
At that point, you may as well have the extinguisher in the trunk. After you’re initial impulse you’ll have to double back for the extinguisher either way, but at least in the trunk it’s a safer distance from the heat, smoke, and possible combustion, when you go reaching in for it.

I’m convinced they are right about the theory that most will impulsively dive out first.

So the trunk is my preferred place. Especially since, if I’m giving a lift to a hot lady, seeing a fire extinguisher beside her in the cramped cabin won’t do much for her confidence that I can drive her around in this sweet machine without wrecking it.

Where was the Recall on the fuel supply line listed? Is it a TopIX notification?
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