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Jaguar XE revealed - interviews with Ian Callum and Alan Volkaerts

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People are talking about new tools in the process called trunnions. What do they do?

They speed the manufacturing process, increasing flexibility and future-proofing the plant for when it might make even more models.

In essence, a trunnion is a huge, five-sided rotating jig that presents parts to a robot, instead of vice versa. When everything’s working to capacity, we’ll make a car every 78 seconds.
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Thanks for posting this, good to see this information from a good UK source. I wonder what differences there will be between the UK and US versions.
A car every 78 seconds? Man, that is fast. They must be selling a lot of cars if they are willing to produce them at such a rate.
I just hope that with them being able to produce vehicles that quickly, that quality is still their, but it's something i'd look into.
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