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Jaguar XE Review From The Western Cape

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Seems like everyone is making their way to South Africa as a new review has been published by eNCA.
Most of you have already heard quite a bit about the Jaguar XE's internal and external designs so I'll give you the gist of how it handled on the road.

You'll be glad to know that although the Jaguar XE is not the most fuel efficient, the 2.0 diesel still managed a good 6l/100km while being driven vigorously.
The front suspension setup that it borrowed from the F-Type keeps it planted on the ground while being driven at high speeds and if you want a stiffer ride then the Jaguar XE S may be more to your liking with it's tweaked suspension system. So far I've heard great things about the Jaguar XE's handling on twisty roads and now we know why.

Here's the sound of the 3.0 Supercharged V6 Jaguar XE, I couldn't embed a twitter video so here's the link:
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I like the sounds of that mileage report since we buy these cars to enjoy them as well otherwise we'b be discussing Corolla's :D

Thanks for posting this.
No problem! It's great to read the same thing in every review, that the Jaguar XE handles very well in twists and turns. Granted most people won't be making high speed turns unless they're driving on the track but it's great to know that I can make faster turns without the fear of going too wide.
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