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Your first post at this site happens to be a DARNED GOOD question. Kudos.

I seem to be one of the few XE drivers who is consistently impressed with, and have fun with, my SatNav (…once you’ve gotten all the ambiguous menu options set the way that’s best for your area of driving).
And I did explore whatever options I could find out about regarding the SD card based SatNav versions.

It seems your SD card is “mated” to your Jaguar market-location. It’s not mated to your car specifically, so I BELIEVE you could borrow an SD card from your wife’s or brother’s Landrover and it will be read perfectly by your XE.
But market-location means BOTH the Jag and the Landrover have to be North American ordered-delivered cars. Both are using the same (or very similar) North American Jaguar-authenticated map card.

You have to PURCHASE a download from the Jaguar-authorized site, to get your SD card updated with the most current map changes/corrections. I believe drivers with the ICT-PRO version can arrange to have theirs “transmitted” to the car’s brain without being forced to pay anything for it.

Your American Jaguar is “ready” to read a European region Jaguar map card (exactly what’s in a UK version XE when you buy it), and your US car will even change it’s voice to an English gal’s accent. (apparently there is more learning software application stuff on those SD cards than “just a google map”). But you’ll have to talk to Jaguar about purchasing the European card—and I don’t know if Jaguar is friendly about letting you do it.

So clearly your car’s brain appears fully able to acquire the knowledge of any global map.
But all that I’ve found out about the SD card points to your car being programmed ONLY to read and learn from a Jaguar-authorized (maybe Jaguar-hosted) SD card. Not from another car maker’s map-card.

Share your findings about other SD cards with us. What Cards have you considered or heard might be better?
And what disappointments have you had with the SatNav so far that you hope to improve with a change in SD cards? As I mentioned, the one downside to the Jag SatNav is that they don't teach us what menu settings you must pick to make the system work properly for you.
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